Early Days Breastfeeding

So this is a very different post to my previous post about boobies.... This one is for Breastfeeding.

I have literally been trying to write this post for six months. Its so difficult because everyone has a story and I don't even know why everyone is so into how people feed babies but its such a thing isn't it.

I hate that I have to write a disclaimer but I know that breastfeeding can be quite triggering for a lot of people and I will apologise now if I offend anyone, I'm never going to be able to say the right thing for everyone on a subject so many people are so passionate about so I will just tell you my story.

The C Word


I was so so unprepared!

This post is quite reflective and I have delayed posting as my pal Natalie was preparing for the birth of her second baby and was keen for it to be as natural as possible and I didn't want any thoughts of intervention to come into her mind when labouring her boy. (Which incidentally she did beautifully and completely naturally with no pain relief- YES MUMMA!)

The Hospital Bag

Who knew that there was a special bag to pack to have a baby!?

I think this is funny. It caused me so much stress because I kept reading all these blogs and articles about how important the hospital bag is and how I should pack it now and keep it close by... HURRY QUICK PACK YOUR BAG TO HAVE A BABY!!!!

All jokes aside it does of course make sense that you need to take stuff with you when you go into a hospital or a birthing centre or wherever to have your baby because all this crazy shit happens to you after and you need a load of stuff to cater for that.

I would like to share with you all what I planned to go in to my hospital bag, with edits (italic script) of what I actually needed.

(this could get graphic so beware!!)

It's a Girl!

Apologies for serious lack of posting but I HAD A BABY!!!  

(yes, okay, nearly 11 weeks ago but honestly, its mental having a newborn baby, but don't worry, I will do my best to blog about key things from the first few weeks as and when the baby chills out long enough for me to do anything for myself!) 

What Next ?

Hello World, here I am.

I've been quiet on the blog recently, I'm sorry for that. I've been feeling a bit blue and tired and hot and generally quite fed up. I've been wrapping things up at work for the summer holidays...and maternity leave... and redundancy... so as you can imagine, its been a bit chaotic. This is a post that I guess is pregnancy related, but more just about what has been swimming round my head the last few weeks.

Top 10 of The Third Trimester

I have seen that Top 10s are a big deal so here are my Top Ten favourite things about the third trimester of pregnancy... I just love it so much I had to write a post about it. Really, its actually my most favourite thing I have ever done.

Get ready for the most sarcasm you might ever see in one blog post.

NB This is a rant. 

Naked Plum

I am approaching 8 months pregnant this weekend and I am concerned. My baby has very few belongings and I need to talk about it. I need to talk about the real reasons why I haven't bought much and I need to talk about the bubble of panic about it that is rising in my chest.