The Bedtime Parade

Okay, so I get it, babies don't sleep, children don't sleep, adults don't sleep, if all the reassuring comments I've heard over the last two years to go by, NOBODY sleeps.

But we all know that is not quite true. People do sleep, maybe they wake up during the night but on the most part they do sleep, there's just usually some kind of strategy to manage it. Well, hell, I have NO STRATEGY. Mainly because my child has zero chill when it comes to sleeping but also because everytime we try something and it works, we do it again the next day and it doesn't. So I would like to share with you something I like to call "The Bedtime Parade"

The Honourable Bird

So I have had a few people ask about Annora's name so thought would put up a quick post about it. More after the jump :)

iPad Parenting

Right, come on then, lets be havin' ya, hands up- who practices iPad parenting?!

Because I absolutely DO and I have little/no shame. I need that little square of colour and cartoons. I need the YouTube Kids app. I need those little (sometimes large) moments where she is so engrossed in a video I can make and wash up a whole meal and still have time time for a few rounds of Woody Puzzle on my phone.

Before having a kid, I was the classic holier than thou "My child will be outside and playing and never ever ever watching TV or an iPad!" Oh pre child Emma you fool. I am actually quite endeared by my own naivety. It's actually adorable to think that I would have the energy to survive parenting without electronics. 

My "Self Care" is not the same as your "Self Care"

This blog started out as a way to offload my struggles with processing pregnancy. Then it became something I wanted to do but didn't have time to, then it became something that reminded me of how much of my own time had been eaten up by a baby. It ultimately became the lingering reminder that I wasn't doing enough for myself.

Part of starting the blog again is to have a little outlet, share my experiences in what I hope to be a realatable and honest way, but also it is to give me a little bit of focus doing something. Pre baby I used to love sewing and making things, but my sewing machine broke, I never fixed it and also, the fear of waking a sleeping toddler with a sewing machine? Unreal. I did used to like running and swimming but parent life has made my joints feel like they will never move like that again... they will, I know this, I'm being dramatic. I used to paint and draw and make things too but all these things have all fallen away a little... Even so, I want to take a minute to just explore with you what self care looks like for me.

We're Back!


I have not blogged for two years and I can honestly say it is because I disappeared. Mentally, just disappeared. My brain became Annora. EWB- for the most part- just failed to exist.

It has been the wildest two years of my life and I still dont know where my feet are. The last 8 weeks or so I am just coming back to (medicated) life and what better time to get back on the blog!?
Now, I feel like maybe if I had blogged my journey more it could have helped (maybe me, maybe others) but in all honesty, I dont think it would have made for very nice reading. It's that classic thing of if you cant say something nice, don't say anything at all...

So here we are, back in business. Maybe a little summary is in order?!


Feeding that Baby!

So this is a very different post to my previous post about boobies.... This one is for Breastfeeding.

I have literally been trying to write this post for six months. Its so difficult because everyone has a story and I don't even know why everyone is so into how people feed babies but its such a thing isn't it.

I hate that I have to write a disclaimer but I know that breastfeeding can be quite triggering for a lot of people and I will apologise now if I offend anyone, I'm never going to be able to say the right thing for everyone on a subject so many people are so passionate about so I will just tell you my story.

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